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You’ll find some contradiction here, as I’ve posted links to resources, individuals and agencies I don’t always agree with 100%.  As I research them over time, I’ll weed through them to eliminate the ones that blatantly violate my positions.  It isn’t easy, because my positions aren’t fixed….

Front-line advocacy and activism worldwide

INTAR: International Network Toward Alternatives and Recovery International summit of survivor leaders, psychiatrists, psychologists, family members, and other mental health professionals who meet to counter the belief that people with diagnoses such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder can never completely recover.

MindFreedom International Perhaps the principal worldwide social justice organization promoting human rights in mental health.

ICSPP International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology, Inc.  A network, principally of dissident health care professionals, which serves as an advisory body to the above.

The Radical Psychology Network Powerful stuff. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

CAPA The Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault.  Headquartered in Toronto.  Fully against all medical intervention in, or interpretation of, one’s mental health.  Strong advocacy against such brutal methods as electro-convulsive therapy and involuntary confinement.  Their links page is here.

Stuff Stigma British campaign currently running two programs: 5 Ways to Wellbeing and The Living Library–either one of which I’d like to set up here in Canada.

Time To Change is nothing less than “England’s most ambitious programme to end discrimination faced by people who experience mental health problems”.  They run campaigns throughout the UK with A-list endorsements.  Let’s do this here.

Mind British Mental Health organization that’s connected and pertinent.

Canadian survivor, self-help/advocacy groups and centres,  resources and programs

Mad Pride Toronto  This is the site for all the info on the 2012 Toronto Mad Pride events and personalities!

Across Boundaries provides support and services to people of color in the Greater Toronto Area who are experiencing severe mental health problems/serious mental illness.

The Art Studio in Ottawa’s Hintonburg provides a safe and creative environment for people whose ability to pursue their art might otherwise be limited by their mental illness or the poverty with which mental illness is often associated.

Canadian Coalition of Alternative Mental Health Resources National forum that embraces best practices, alternative programs, learning opportunities, knowledge transfer and resource sharing.  Also an up to date clearinghouse of news and information.

Gerstein Centre Landmark downtown Toronto crisis centre.

Journal of Ethics in Mental Health A free online peer reviewed journal put out by McMaster University.  Accepts submissions from laypersons.

Mad Students Society Dedicated to supporting and empowering post-secondary students with mental health issues.

National Network for Mental Health Our only national, fully consumer/survivor-run organization.

Our Voice Grass-roots publication. Survivor-run and of interest to all.

Self Help Resource Centre Your first stop in Ontario for creating and running a peer support group!

Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office of Ontario The main body advocating for patient rights.  Has an arm’s length relationship with the Ministry.

Sound Times A member-driven consumer/survivor initiative located in downtown Toronto and staffed by consumer/survivors.  Provides a number of services available to consumers, survivors and people experiencing mental health problems.

South Western Alliance Network Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care-funded network of consumer/survivor groups.

Mood Disorders Association of Ontario Provides community education and support.

Queen Street Outreach Society Was set up by and for people who receieved ‘mental health system’ services in Toronto.  No longer running, but the website is maintained by one of its former coordinators.

Caring Minds: Youth, Mental Health and Community Consists of 4 very useful teaching units aimed at adolescents:   1) Understanding, Experience and Equity   2) Self Determination and Activism   3) Housing, Homelessness and Poverty   4) Well-Being, Healthcare and Treatment.  Very useful. Canadian initiative for teens and tweens.  Glossy and appealing.

6 St Joseph House  Vibrant Toronto peer centre in the Yonge/Bay area.

You Know Who I Am  The Royal Ottawa Hospital’s mental health campaign.

Northern Initiative for Social Interaction (NISA) is the Sudbury area’s very active consumer/survivor organization.  It publishes an ambitious journal called Open Minds Quarterly, which solicits fiction, poetry, reviews, personal accounts and more.

Ontario Council of Aternative Businesses  Here you will find in action something excellent: survivor-run enterprises, employing a model geared to our particular strengths and weaknesses.  Highly recommended.

Peer suport, training

Ontario Peer Development Initiative unites and the voices of the various peer organizations in the Province

Self Help Resource Centre Your first stop in Ontario for creating and running a peer support group!

Shery Mead  Consultant and mental health peer support trainer.  Author of numerous books and learning materials.

Ascend Mental Health Training  Is Dolly Sen’s consultancy.

Working in Mental Health  The Province’s guide to careers and educational requirements for workers in Community Mental Health.

International and mainstream self help

FyrenIyce  An Australian Survivor’s site outlining resources down under.  Full of great info for everybody, though the site hasn’t been updated in a while and there are lots of dead links.

Harbor of Refuge  A very welcoming, folksy site with lots of information.  Large and important source of information.  Corporate charity. 

Canadian regulated agencies, ministerial bodies and hospitals

Ontario Federation of Community and Mental Health Programs Umbrella group for the Province’s Addications and Mental Health services.

Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health Group uniting various regulated professions and “stakeholder” organizations at the national level.

Mental Health Commission of Canada The Government of Canada’s ongoing project to address mental health issues nationwide. This is where you can see what the Feds are up to, and maybe talk at them.

Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Your national “service provider”.

Canadian Mental Health Association, Grey Bruce My local “service provider”.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health For better or worse, Canada’s largest mental health care hospital.  Look up their Empowerment Council.

Mental Health and Addiction Services in Grey Bruce Patchy and infrequently updated.  What little there is in the bi-county area is to be found here.  If this seems either appropriate or insufficient, let me know.

South West Local Health Integration Network  (LHIN) Because we all need more bureaucracy.  The administrative jurisdiction for the hospitals I haunt.

Public Health Agency of Canada  This is their main content page.  Scroll down for general mental health topics.  More specific information can be found here.

CMHA Mental Health Promotion Toolkit  Resource for developing and evaluating community mental health promotion projects.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport


SSRI Stories is a massive resource linking you to over 4,800 media articles (mostly criminal in nature) from around the world on the dangers of antidepressants.  A vital online archive.

Gary Greenberg is a psychiatrist highly critical of the mental health field, its corporate nature, and where it is headed.

Martha Rosenberg writes critiques of the mental health industry (sparing nobody, from government to consumers to Big Pharma) for several major American newspapers.

Robert Whitaker is a journalist bent on exposing the shoddy science and soft thinking accompanying most mental health-related publications, as these appear both in the popular and scientific presses.  Essential.  See here for his blog in Psychology Today (of all places!), Mad in America.

Ethan Watters writes incisive and insightful commentaries on mental health issues.  Yes, he is very traditional in his thinking–for him “mental” issues are biogenetic “medical” issues–but he also lambastes the industry when it’s due.

David Healy Cardiff University professor of psychological medicine.  Against the overuse or improper use of pharmaceuticals, and a principal voice of change from within.  In fact, the major player in the anti-SSRI debate: see  Let Them Eat Prozac, which features primary source documentation on the dangers of SSRI’s and the legal & political controversies concerning their testing.  Recommended.

Dr Peter Breggin Reforming psychiatrist against the use of medication.

Bad Science  Crabby, crusty and critical of shoddy scholarship, physician Ben Goldacre attacks Big Pharma on numerous delightful occasions.

Treatments (conventional and alternative), personalities and modalities

Alternative Interventions Alternatives University of Ottawa professor Neree St-Amand’s holistic approach.

Peter Lehmann Publisher of books geared to the “interests of (ex-) users and survivors of psychiatry whose main concerns are self-determination and freedom from bodily harm.”  The focus is on alternatives to conventional psychiatric means.

Humanistic Psychology (APA Disivion 32) That is, Psychology that understands its position as more of a philosophy than a science.

Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness.  Works for me, so I won’t knock it.

Marsha Linehan A promulgator of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  However, is CBT/DBT coercive?  Discuss.

The International Centre for Clubhouse Development Provides a model for creating centres focused on the needs of people living with mental health issues.

POTAC is the Psychiatric Occupational Therapy Coalition.

Thomas Joiner from Florida State has some fascinating conclusions on the nature of suicidal behaviour.

Officialdom, Astroturf and Big Pharma

Forensic Psychiatry A quick overview of Canadian forensic mental health topics: in particular, the intersection of the Criminal Code and the Ontario Mental Health Act.  Searchable and very useful.

American Psychiatric Association DSM-5The Big One. Dear God, don’t get me started….  Check this out for a critique from within.

PhRMA The lobbying arm of the pharmaceutical industry.

NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Health The principal Big Pharma fake lobby group.  Cynical, wot?  Astroturf is a grass which has no roots.

Mental Illness Awareness Week Sponsored by our buddies at Lilly and Pfizer et al.  Time for a civilian version, no?  But I’m not knocking it.


Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto Grass-roots organization run by survivors to document and preserve our Mad history in Toronto.

The History of Madness in Canada “This is a permanent, public Canadian website, created to enhance critical thinking, heritage preservation and historical research in the fields of psychiatric medicine and mental health.”


Therapy Tales by Wounded Genius.  You’re gonna love these!

Mike’s Story Mike has schizophrenia.  He is also engaged in a long-term video/media streaming project to present his experiences and coping skills.

Disability Arts Online From the UK–the name says it all.  Lots of visual and literary work from Nutters and Crips about our experiences.

Dolly Sen British activist, writer, performer, consultant and all-round leading light in the movement.  See her at the above site as well.

Eufemia Fantetetti Funny and candid, you may have caught her in Cracking Up (see below).

Stand Up for Mental Health uses comedy to fight stigma.  Headquartered in BC, with a troupe in Ontario.  Watch  the 2008 CBC doc Cracking Up to get a behind the scenes look.

Suzy Johnston Syrett and the Cairn Press.  UK survivor, writer, advisor and publisher on Mental Health issues.

Chato B. Stewart Funny, nutty, and a promoter of Heroes of Mental Health!

Dave “Crippen” Lupton  Mowin’ you down with a chairload of piquancy.

John Callahan Are you laughing?  Good.  Are you angry?  Better.

Josh Blue You remember him from “Last Comic Standing”.

Christopher “Steady Eddie” Widdows  You’ll never think of shopping cart wheels the same way again….

Pinky and the Brain describe the human brain.

Canadian Architect Arts reporter–and fellow traveler–John Bentley Mays‘ article on the new CAMH complex in Toronto.

Maria R. Palacios–the Goddess on Wheels–is a force of nature.  Feminist poet, speaker, “dis”/ability educator extraordinaire.

Pat Capponi is a legend in the Survivir movement in this country.  This is her blog on poverty, mental health and social justice issues for the Toronto Star.

David Reville Former Ontario MLA, now a crusading community development consultant and Ryerson University Disability Studies professor.


 Medfed by Erica  Fashions for the bunny boiler in all of us.

Chipmunka Publishing  The UK’s premier mental health publishers, focusing on, but not restricted to, activism and personal narrative.

Social justice tools

Connexions is a huge online library and archive of social justice topics and resources. is Canada’s major progressive online news and opinion source.

rabble Activist Toolkit is’s wiki-style series of collaborative resources.

Schizophrenia Society of Canada Toolkit. This can be adapted to many situations.

DAWN Ontario (DisAbled Women’s Network) features an absolute goldmine of resources; one of the best sites I’ve found.

Local Grey-Bruce resources

Larry Miller  Tory Member of Parliament for Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound.

Bill Walker  Tory Member of Provincial Parliament for Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound.

Mental Health and Addictions Services in Grey Bruce Portal for everything that’s on offer in the twin-county area.

Consumer/Survivor Development Project  Our consumer organization.

Canadian Mental Health Association, Grey Bruce My local “service provider”.

Yellow Book  Grey Bruce Community Health Corporation’s directory of health and social services.

Grey Bruce Coalition for Peace and Justice  Group dedicated to keeping social justice issues at the forefront of the agenda in my neck of the woods.

Victoria Serda Former Saugeen Shores Municipal Councillor, capacity-builder and environmentalist.

The Saugeen LocalMotive Project Environmental resilience begins at home. This is where I live!

The Community Foundation Grey Bruce exists to enrich the quality of life of the people of the community by supporting not-for-profit charitable, educational, and cultural organizations.

Information Bruce Grey–Community Connection is the streamlined portal that unites the former 211 info services for community resources and agencies for both Counties.

Grey Bruce Good Food Box Program   A collective bulk purchasing of bulk produce.  Pay in advance, show up at the pick-up location, and you stand to save a good 50% off the retail price.  Next step: urging them to provide delivery.

YMCA  This is the link for their Local Housing Support Program and their Community and Employment Services.

Food activism and policy

Michael Pollan  For me it started with The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Marion Nestle  Acknowledged expert on some of the most pressing issues concerning diet, nutrition and the food industry.  Her What to Eat will alarm, illuminate, and with luck cause you to re-evaluate your assumptions.

Wayne Roberts  Toronto food activist and expert in food security.  What’s food security?  Making sure that we ALL have access to adequate supplies of healthy, nutritious food!

Other things I support  Employment Ontario underwrites this resource for the layed off and fired.  FAQ’s, tips, strategies.  At the very least, it’ll help you put a positive spin on things.

Eco-Logical Solutions What is Permaculture?  A vital approach to ecological living.  Bonita Ford shows you how it’s done.

Social Assistance Review Grass-roots group based in Toronto dedicated to providing a voice for low-income Canadians in the government’s proposed ODSP and OW reform.

Rehabilitation International is a global network of experts, professionals and advocates working together to empower persons with disabilities and provide sustainable solutions for a more inclusive and accessible society.

VolunteerConnection is your connection to volunteer opportunities and services in Ontario–natch!

People First of Ontario  An advocacy group run by members of the “developmentally (dis)abled” community.

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