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Notes About Votes!

April 29, 2011

For all Canadians interested in voting (yes, you — all of you!), here are some bits of info you’ll find helpful.

1) The term spoiled ballot refers to a ballot that is issued but not placed in the ballot box (i.e., because the voter voluntarily destroyed it, or accidentally messed it up, handed it back, and had to start again with another ballot–you are permitted one do-over).

2) The term rejected ballot means that a ballot that has been placed in the box but that it is disqualified (i.e., because it wasn’t an official ballot supplied by the elections officer, or because you didn’t mark it, or because you marked it for more than one candidate, or if you put some sort of identifying mark on it like your name or initials, or finally if your mark extends beyond the circle so far as to enter the name field or another circle).  Note that you needn’t make a ⊕ or a ⊗ : a happy face, peace symbol, yin-yang, or even an artfully executed illustration of male genitalia will all work–provided they don’t violate the terms mentioned above.

A spoiled ballot is not a protest vote because by definition it hasn’t been cast.  It’s just a waste of your time and mine.  If you insist on negating your vote as a protest, then a rejected ballot is, for want of a better term, appropriate.  Still, if you’re going to make the effort to come down, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re voting for somebody rather than against everybody?

May 2: BE THERE!

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