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Little by little….

May 17, 2010

Sorry for the inactivity!  In the process of adding links (many of which are now on the title page–these are blogs, as opposed to sites, which show up under the Links heading in the, uhm, header bar.  All very pleonastically multiply redundant).

Well, missed Mental Health day on Saugeen FN, and missed the PsychOUT conference in Tee-Dot.  Both on account of impecuniosity and nuttiness.  I did, however, attend the Healthy Communities Conference in Owen Sound, and was moved by a curious omission to push even harder for Mental Health issues.  To wit, for all that the organizers focussed on the physical determinants of public health, the mental factors were utterly ignored in their discussions of urban and rural planning.  Odd, sad, frustrating and essentially myopic.  Jeremiad to follow!

Lastly, A Plant Grows in Southampton: I have obtained a small garden plot in the Saugeen Shores Community Garden at G.C. Huston Public School.  If you don’t think I can devote an entire 5×10 plot to basil and cilantro, just watch me!

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